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    “Beautiful music from Spain to the Caribbean Islands”. Hailing from the roots of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and even further to Spain, Fermin comes to share his beautiful and uplifting music with you. Even as a child Fermin was playing instruments and performing at large family gatherings and thus his passion for music began. Coming from a very musical family it wasn’t that hard for him to follow his chosen path that now has touched the hearts and lives of many from the U.S. to the Spanish Caribbean Islands. Let his music take you to your favorite exotic getaway destination, a place where mesmerizing waters and rich ancient cultures come to life. Come and enjoy the sultry sounds of Fermin Spanish Guitar.

      Dennis Fermin was born and raised in the state of N.Y. He was first introduced to the music world by his parents. His father would play Spanish guitar and sang along with his mother while Dennis played percussion instruments with them at late night family parties at a very early age. He first started studying music at age 16 by taking three straight years of private guitar instruction at a local music store in N.Y. He also took guitar courses in high school, as well as a College Level Music Theory course. After high school  he immediately enrolled at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California from 1990 to 1991. 

    After graduating from M.I. he began performing with local musicians in New York and eventually began performing with a band called Saharra. It was with this band, that he had my first taste of musical success. They opened up for national rock acts: Dream Theatre and Zebra. They also had a few songs recorded professionally during that time in a top notch recording studio on Long Island. There is still much interest in Saharra’s Music till this day. The band continues to sell CDs and MPs Worldwide on a consistent basis and recently released a remastered version of the band’s material through Arkeyn Steel Records out of Greece (late 2009). 

    After Saharra broke up in the early nineties, he and his wife moved out to Az. and lived there for ten years. He put down music for several years “trying to make a living” and then started performing with a few church praise and worship bands. Working with these bands rekindled his musical interests and so he started teaching music out of his home and out of a local studio until he had a large and loyal clientele for several years. He also purchased a small recording studio in which he wrote and recorded two full albums worth of Spanish Rock material and released them under The Dennis Fermin Project. He began performing this material in local clubs in Az. and eventually in July of 2005, he made his way back to East coast and found a home in Georgia. There was a five piece band formed around the The Dennis Fermin Project music, while in Georgia. They performed at some great events such as Centennial Park’s 4th of July Celebration, Festival of Trees at Georgia’s World Congress Center, Music on Broad, Canton Festival of the Arts, and Taste of Kennesaw, just to name a few. Dennis Fermin’s Music Studio (for music lessons) also opened it’s doors to Georgia in Oct. of 05 and ran strong until 2010. 

     Georgia was also the original birthplace of Fermin Spanish Guitar with the first Cd release of “Amor y Pasion” in 2009. Spanish guitar and Latin music has influenced Dennis in ways he never thought it would. “The Beauty and Passion of Flamenco blended with the life and joy of Latin music is what FSG is all about”. Although the music was well received in Georgia, it wasn’t until the move to Florida when things really started to “take off”.

     In 2011 Dennis and his family decided to move to the beautiful Ancient Spanish City of St. Augustine, Florida. Leaving everything behind, FSG was a full-time success after a period of 3 months. Performances began in outdoor markets and restaurants up and down the Northeastern border of Florida and now are also combined with many private “special events”. 

     Although FSG currently performs around the Southeast region of the U.S., Dennis is also looking forward to many other new performing opportunities throughout the U.S. as well as foreign countries. FSG has touched the lives of many here in the U.S. and all over the world.  “I feel privileged to have many friends, acquaintances, and fans from all over the world. It’s been amazing to see how this music is appreciated in many countries throughout the world. There is still much to learn, both on the business and musical side, but I welcome the challenge”.

    In 2009 Dennis Fermin began performing as a Soloist, sometimes accompanied by a Flamenco dancer or two. In 2012 the Fermin Spanish Guitar Band began performing as a Trio Band for special Showcase performances and currently all Saturday performances.. The band has enabled FSG to not only place emphasis on the Spanish, Flamenco, and Latin guitar playing, but also on cultural percussion grooves styles such as Rhumba, Salsa, and Samba to raise the energy level and ensure that the audience always has a unique and enjoyable experience.

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